Whitby Studios

Primary Contact

Whitby Studios

Mobile: 0751 538 4693
E-mail: whitbystudios@hotmail.com

Studio Rates

Daily Rate
Monday to Friday 8 hour day 10am-6pm £140.
Saturday, Sunday 8 hour day 10am-6pm £150.
Half Day 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm £100
5 Day Week
Monday to Friday 10am-6pm, £500.
Hourly Rate
All sessions include an engineer, mixing and mastering.

Contact Informations

Email and Booking info

To book a location recording session, simply call or e-mail the contact info above. We generally need some contact information with your booking; telephone, e-mail, etc. Full week bookings require a deposit. Please call before your session for equipment requirements.

What you need to Bring

Everything! To make your recording session run smoothly, its a good idea to call and arrange what musical equipment you'll be using. Strings, drum sticks, tuners, plectrums, sandwiches, etc...

Year Placements

Since 2003 we offered year placements at Whitby Studios.